[story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 4

The accident sent her cell crashing on the floor. She looked up to him, feeding her eyes for a few seconds.

He smiled at her, revealing white, perfect set of teeth. He offered him right big hand for a handshake.

Purity stood, watching him.

She bluntly ignored his smile and his hand waiting for hers. Her lips pouted angrily.

“Is your smile and hand gonna fix my phone?” she glared intently at him.

Jeremy dropped his hand. He felt stupid. “I’m sorry. It was an accident.”

His voice- deep, masculine and baritone.

“Do you know how much that cell cost? Oh, I’m sure you wouldn’t cause you probably don’t have and have never seen something like that.” she rolled her eyes and continued gibbering.

This Purity hadn’t change a tiny bit. She was still the spoilt rich brat he had known. But something was different. She was now a woman, very pretty. How could God give such beauty nd intelligence to an insolent being? She probably never knew he was Jeremy Broderick. He clenched his fists.

She was now saying nonsense which irritated him further. How was he going to silence this pretty witch. He hated noise and was getting it from her.

People began looking in their direction. “Miss,” he motioned her to look at the unpleasant stares they were getting. “Its alright. I’m sorry I crashed your phone, I’ll get you a new one.”

She ruffled her hair. Stood her ground. “No.”

“What?” he almost screamed.

“I said no. What’s about ‘no’ that you don’t understand?” she innocently questioned.

This was a difficult woman to deal with. He shook his head twice. “I don’t understand your ‘no’. I offered to buy you a new phone and you bluntly said ‘no’. What does your ‘no’ mean?”

She smiled faintly. “Just get me that exact phone? Fix it.”

“You’re being ridiculous. I can’t do that.”

“Me? Ridiculous?” she peered into his face. “I’ll show you what ridiculous means.”

She straightened up, and was ready to shout. People could call her mad or batty, she didn’t care. This man was getting on her nerves, just like her father. He was vaguely familiar, she just didn’t give a d–n about it.

Purity opened her mouth, she couldn’t scream. She felt someone close to her, she sniffed the scent of his cologne, after shave and masculine scent. His mouth was moving on hers. Her eyes widened, she was being kissed!

Purity tried to push him- it was getting nowhere, he was stronger and hefty. The kiss deepened, Purity had to succumb to it. Her legs wobbled, she clung to him; if she let him go, she’d fall to the ground. She opened up for him, letting him access into her mouth. He held her firmly.

Returning his kiss sent electrifying sensations shooting through their souls, fire rushing through their blood. Blood rushing to his g—n. He intensified the kiss with increasing passion, and she responded.

Jeremy broke the kiss. He met her gaze. From the way she stared at him, he could tell she wanted more. But he had to stop. He didn’t know what pushed him to it. She had wanted to scream, causing more noise and embarrassing him- he couldn’t let that happen. He had to do something.

Purity looked at him affectionately. Why did he have to end the kiss? I was starting to enjoy it. Foolish girl, a voice in her had scolded. What! He just stole my first kiss and I don’t know his name. Why did he do that? And how? How dare he? Doesn’t he know who I am? She touched her slightly swollen lips. Gosh! She was starting to get angry.

Jeremy chuckled. He took her by the hand and tried dragging her out of the restaurant. She didn’t move. He studied her, saw her legs were slightly wobbling- the effect of the kiss. He left her hand and gently swept her off her feet.

She didn’t resist. She only flushed.

When they got out, he let her down. She’d regained her sanity and was furious as a tigers. “Why did you do that to me? Who are you?”

He smirked. Ah, she didn’t know, if she’d known, she wouldn’t let him touch her. Now he’d kissed, touched and carried her.

“Jeremy Broderick. Your fiance.”

“What!” she was dumbsruck. She could speak. But if looks could kill, Jeremy would have been dead by now, she was sending him dagger looks. She hurried off to her car.

To be continued

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