Cheif Alex Ekwueme reveals how Jonathan failed Igbos

The former vice president, Chief Alex Ekwueme  declared that the former president, Goodluck   Jonathan deserted the Igbos.

Chief Alex Ekwukueme

The founding member of PDP,  also reveals his disappointment in Muhammadu Buhari’s defeat over the former president during the 2015 presidential election despite the massive support he got from the Igbos.

In an interview reported by Vanguard,
Ekwueme said:

“As I said in an interview in the past, Jonathan didn’t treat us very well
for the support he got in 2011; which he confessed to me himself was more than what he got from his people in the south-south.

“He gave an example, that the people who were running against him tried to get a running mate from the south-east, but none of them succeeded in getting a running mate from the southeast to run against him; but even in his own south-south, Oyegun was a running mate to somebody; and when the election was over the Youth Corps members who were brutalised in Bauchi were people from the southeast, not people from the south-south. He told me this himself.

“So, he had every reason to be fair-minded and equitable in his distribution of resources.
“But we could not go from Enugu to Onitsha on a federal road, you couldn’t go from Enugu to Port Harcourt on a federal road, we couldn’t go from Aba to Okigwe on a federal road; you couldn’t go from Owerri on the federal road. None of the federal roads in the south-east was motorable.”

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