Buhari says; “Aisha belongs to my living room and kitchen”

On October 7 president Buhari,s wife Aisha Buhari said her husband did not know many of his top government ambassador “He is yet to tell me, but I have decided as his wife that if things continue like this up to 2019,I will not go out and campaign again and ask any woman to vote like I did before. I will never do it again,” she said.

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President Buhari simile at his wife statement and he is saying “I don’t know which party my wife belongs to,
but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room.”

President Buhari further said if he’s wife will remember that he contest for presidential election for three times
before succeeding on the fourth “So I claim superior knowledge over
her and the rest of the opposition, because in the end I have succeeded. It’s not easy to satisfy the whole Nigerian opposition parties or to participate in the government.”

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